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  1. Referral from the doctor to LifeSteps
  2. LifeSteps to contact parent to schedule Evaluation
  3. If therapy is recommended, the therapist will design an individualized plan of care and submit it to the physician.
  4. Signed evaluation is sent to Insurance for authorization
  5. Upon receipt of authorization, LifeSteps to contact parent to schedule treatment appointments
  6. Therapy is reviewed for continuation 90 days after evaluation to check progress
  7. Re-evaluation is performed as needed to determine continued eligibility and update the plan of care.
A referral from a MD or DO is required to start therapy at LifeSteps. Upon receipt of the referral, LifeSteps will contact you to schedule an evaluation.
You can contact your doctor and ask them to send a referral for the therapy you are needing to LifeSteps at 972-353-5436.
An evaluation is a formal assessment conducted by a licensed therapist to establish a baseline understanding of the client’s development to determine if therapy is recommended. The diagnosis or reason for the referral to therapy will determine the type of tests (standardized or not) the therapist will use.
No. LifeSteps is bound by the medical model which requires developmental progress be made as a result of therapy. The results of the testing completed at the time of evaluation will determine if therapy would result in developmental progress.
Evaluations are scheduled for 1 – 1 ½ hours. If you have more than one therapy that needs an evaluation, LifeSteps will try to schedule them on the same day if possible.
If the client already receives therapy in school, please bring any and all school records for the therapist to review.
Yes. The school provides therapy based on the educational model focused on helping the child participate and be productive in the school environment. LifeSteps focuses on the world outside of school. LifeSteps medical model compliments the school model and together, they prepare the child for their whole world.
In order to get the most from each session, please ensure your child has their glasses, hearing aids, orthotics, and sneakers for physical therapy
Yes. LifeSteps will provide you with a note confirming your appointment attendance.
Evaluations are generally 1 – 1 ½ hours depending on the age of the child and their abilities and participation in the assessment. Therapy sessions are generally 30 to 60 minutes.
LifeSteps encourages parent participation in all aspects of therapy. Parent input is needed at the time of the evaluation and parents will be asked to observe and participate in therapy as well as carry over activities at home between therapy sessions. Finally, upon discharge from therapy, parents will be given activities to maintain or continue progress after graduation from LifeSteps.
There are several reasons for discharge from LifeSteps. When therapy goals are met, it will be time to discharge from LifeSteps. Poor attendance to regularly scheduled therapy sessions or patterns of No Call/No Show to appointments will result in discharge.
Therapists and Parents will collaborate on therapy goals and the frequency and duration of therapy sessions to reach those goals. Generally therapy is 2 times a week for 30-45 minutes each time. If there is a schedule conflict, LifeSteps need to be informed as soon as possible in order to allow others to be offered that time.
Therapy sessions are generally scheduled for regular times and regular days to help kids, parents and therapist establish a routine that works for everyone. Since therapy is one-on-one, LifeSteps does not double book. Therefore, it is your responsibility to notify LifeSteps as soon as possible of a cancellation so they can contact others to take that time. We will work with parents as much as we can to adjust schedules but patterns of cancellations or no-show/no-calls will result in reduction of therapy times, moves from prime time slots and or discharge.
Therapy yields best results when attendance is consistent. LifeSteps prides itself on being a one-stop therapy spot and we try our best to stack multiple therapy appointments in a way that is best for the child, fits with available times and dates of the therapists and the works with parent’s schedule.
LifeSteps is out of network with major commercial insurances but if you have Medicaid secondary, LifeSteps can serve your child.

We do accept most all Medicaid insurance – Traditional Medicaid, Amerigroup Star & CHIP, Cook Star & CHIP, Aetna Star and CHIP, and Superior.

Please contact us for more information on private pay.

LifeSteps would love to serve your child but you should take full advantage of the insurance you pay for each paycheck. So we encourage you to visit your provider manual for an in-network provider.

If you have out-of-network benefits, you can check to see how much your deductible is and consider if you would want to pay LifeSteps for services to meet that deductible. If so, please contact us for details.


CORF is Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility.
It is a medical facility that provides multiple outpatient therapy treatments in one location.

Yes. Each CORF is a required to have a medical director to review patient files and operations to insure that patients are receiving proper and complete treatment.

Our comprehensive approach requires a referral from a physician.

A CORF is a cost effective means of providing multiple therapy treatments to patients at a lower cost than in-patient hospital treatment. Plus it is more convenient having all therapies in one location.

What type of services must be made available at a CORF?
•    Medical Director
•    Physical Therapy
•    Psychological or social services
What are some of the optional services that a CORF may provide? 
•    Speech Therapy 
•    Occupational Therapy 
•    Respiratory / Pulmonary Therapy 
•    Nursing Care 
•    Biologicals including chemotherapy and other infusion therapy 
•    Supplies and durable medical equipment 
•    Dietician
•    Diagnostician

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